1. Most Illuminating Yoga Course

    The Applied Yoga Integration Seminar was the most illuminating yoga course I have ever taken!  I am so excited to use this method as a foundation for my practice and teaching.…Read More

    Alexa Robbins, Yoga, Pilates, Tarot. Wife of renowned author, Tom Robbins.
  2. Powerful Link In A Chain Of Teachers

    Jory offers a depth of knowledge that can only come from direct experience and dedicated self study. Without fail, every time I practice with him I walk away with new techniques to awaken my body and steady the mind. He naturally weaves together the integrity of all eight limbs of yoga and leads his classes with humor, focus and precision. Jory represents a powerful link in a chain of teachers …Read More

    Kevin Courtney, Yoga Teacher
  3. Extremely Kind and Gentle

    Physical therapists and doctors were unable to help me resolve my recurring back problems but Jory was able to identify the problem instantly, provide immediate pain relief and help me understand what I was doing to cause flare-ups. He has also been extremely kind and gentle in doing the same for my 12-year old son’s chronic hip/leg injury, whereas no doctor was able to offer suggestions for man…Read More

    Ally Sievers, Graphic Designer
  4. I Feel So Grateful To Have Found Him

    Jory is the best therapist I have found on the tour. No matter what my ailment has been he has been able to find a solution and get me back on the court. He has helped my back, serving shoulder and hips countless times.  And once, in only 5 days,  I was serving 7 miles an hour faster than I had been. You can only imagine what that meant for my game!   Jory is passionate about what he does and I…Read More

    Travis Rettenmaier, Professional Tennis Player
  5. “Outstanding Practitioner”

    Jory Serota is an outstanding practitioner of NeuroKinetic Therapy. He combines his knowledge of yoga therapy along with the neurobiomechanics of NKT to help produce long lasting changes in dysfunctional movement patterns. Jory has earned my confidence and respect as a professional.…Read More

    David Weinstock, Founder of NeuroKinetic Therapy
  6. I Cannot Wait For More Courses

    The Applied Yoga Integration course greatly deepened my understanding of alignment, breath work, and clinical assessment. It taught me how to take the “simplest” yoga poses and turn them into something completely different. I learned new tools and cues to incorporate into my classes, private sessions (both yoga and personal training) and my own practice! There was so much valuable information,…Read More

    Jessie Lam